Battle of the Beers

Battle of the Beers – Tales of the Turtles 400

The Battle of the Beers is the weekly drinking game focusing on the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series. News, discussion topics and other themes of the week are highlighted and in proper Brake and Clutch form, we target them for a drinking game. This week, we take on the Tales of the Turtles 400, happening at Chicagoland Speedway on September 17th at 3 pm.

Preferred beer: Coors (apparently the most popular beer in Illinois)

Drinking game

-If it’s mentioned that this is Dale Earnhardt Jr’s last race at Chicagoland, take a shot.

-If the Smithfield/Richard Petty spat is brought up, take a shot.

-If where Danica Patrick lands is discussed, finish your drink.

-On a related note, if they talk about who’s taking over the 10 car, finish your drink.

-If they talk about the ambulance incident at Richmond and other ambulance-related issues, take a drink.

-If the playoff drivers’ and Dale Jr’s hashtags are brought up, take a drink.

-Should they discuss when NASCAR should throw the caution, take a drink.

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