Hold My Beer

Hold My Beer – Apache Warrior 400 Presented By Lucas Oil

Hold My Beer is the segment that features some of the highlights where you can imagine drivers saying, “Hold my beer and watch this!” There were a time or two where that could’ve been applied this past weekend.

Jeffrey Earnhardt

Jeffrey Earnhardt came in a LITTLE too hot to pit road, lost control of the car and hit the barrels, knocking one over. The red flag came out soon after in order to fix the barrels.

That’s a four Advil night, at least.

Ryan Newman and Jeff Gordon

While not quite as much of a “Hold My Beer” moment as Jeffrey Earnhardt’s, things still got a little hectic for Ryan Newman and Jeff Gordon following the race. Newman had tried very hard to stay in front of Chase Elliott but ultimately slowed Elliott down and arguably cost him the win. Gordon was obviously not pleased with the situation and let Newman know as much.

Safe to say that sometimes things don’t always go better with Coca-Cola. Maybe we could also caption this as “#HelloNewman” from Gordon’s point of view?

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