Battle of the Beers

Battle of the Beers – Bank of America 500


UPDATE: Due to Hurricane Nate, green flag has been moved to 1 pm. Y’all stay safe if you’re heading to Charlotte.

The Battle of the Beers is the weekly drinking game focusing on the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series. News, discussion topics and other themes of the week are highlighted and in proper Brake and Clutch form, we target them for a drinking game. This week, we take on the Bank of America 500, happening at Charlotte Motor Speedway on October 8th at 2 pm.

Preferred beer: The Event Horizon (most popular beer in NC) or you could also go with Blue Moon

Drinking game

-If the “roval” being run next year is mentioned, finish your drink.

-If Dale Jr’s retirement is brought up, take a shot.

-If Hamlin’s comments about how much (or little, if you ask him) NASCAR drivers get paid, take a drink.

-If the 2018 Hendrick Motorsports paint schemes are talked about, take a drink.

-If Robert Yates’ death is mentioned (RIP Robert Yates), take a drink.

-If the spat between Jeff Gordon and Ryan Newman is talked about, finish your drink.

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