Hold My Beer

Hold My Beer – Alabama 500

Hold My Beer is the segment that features some of the highlights where you can imagine drivers saying, “Hold my beer and watch this!” Well, y’all, it’s a playoff race at Talladega. You knew some of the drivers would need to have their beers held.


Chris Fontaine and Cody Coughlin got into each other during the race and while it wasn’t QUITE The Big One, it was still an oopsies.

Here’s hoping duct tape fixed the cars and a six-pack fixed things between Fontaine and Coughlin.

MENCS race

What’s a race at Talladega without The Big One? Trying to go four-wide at ‘Dega didn’t go so well for Martin Truex Jr (“Hold my beer and watch me make it four wide!”) and he collected 15 other cars with him – including some playoff drivers.

OOPS. Again, duct tape for the cars and six-packs of beer for the other drivers.

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