30 Odd 6

30 Odd 6, Season-End Edition – Aric Almirola

30 Odd 6 is your weekly feature focusing on the 30th driver in the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series. Today, we’re taking a different approach – the star finished 29th in standings at the end of the season.

Name: Aric Almirola

Age: 33

Hometown: Tampa, FL

Team: Richard Petty Motorsports

Odd 6

  1. He’s of Cuban descent – his dad came to the U.S. in the 1960s during the Cuban Freedom Flights.
  2. In fact, he was even born on a US Air Force base – Eglin Air Force Base, to be exact.
  3. He’s married and his wife’s name is Janice. She has other family connections to NASCAR – her dad raced motorcycles and was a NASCAR crew chief.
  4. They have two kids together, Alex (age 5) and Abby (age 4).
  5. He enjoys road and mountain biking, hiking and snow skiing.
  6. His grandfather used to race dirt sprint cars and was the one who introduced Aric to racing.

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