Retired Odd 6

Retired Odd 6 – Danica Patrick

Remember 30 Odd 6 during the season, which focused on the 30th driver in the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series? This is the same idea, only for retiring drivers instead. She has a few races left in her, but I figured she still counts.

Name: Danica Patrick

Age: 35

Hometown: Roscoe, IL

Team: Stewart Haas Racing

Odd 6

  1. Probably obvious since she’s from Illinois, but her favorite NFL team is the Chicago Bears.
  2. She loves the movie Anchorman so much that she knows every line in it.
  3. She’s appeared in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and several other fashion magazines.
  4. She won the celebrity athlete episode of Chopped in 2013.
  5. She’s been a presenter at several ESPY Awards.
  6. Out of the car, she enjoys shopping, physical fitness, yoga, sewing, listening to music and cooking.

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