Retired Odd 6

Retired Odd 6 – Carl Edwards

Remember 30 Odd 6 during the season, which focused on the 30th driver in the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series? This is the same idea, only for retiring or retired drivers instead. We’re going back to 2015 again for someone who retired unexpectedly.

Name: Carl Edwards

Age: 38

Hometown: Columbia, MO

Team: Joe Gibbs Racing

Odd 6

  1. He went to Mizzou (aka the University of Missouri) and was a part-time substitute teacher before signing on with Roush Fenway Racing.
  2. He’s a fan of WWE and is friends with John Cena. He even got to host WWE Raw in February 2010.
  3. He has his own record label called Back40 Records with a friend from high school.
  4. He has his private pilot’s license and flies his own plane.
  5. He was on The Price Is Right and helped give away NASCAR-themed prizes.
  6. When he’s not in the car, he enjoys bicycling, aviation, fitness training and reading.

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