Battle of the Beers

Battle of the Beers – Pennzoil 400 presented by Jiffy Lube

The Battle of the Beers is the weekly drinking game focusing on the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series. News, discussion topics and other themes of the week are highlighted and in proper Brake and Clutch form, we target them for a drinking game. This week, we’re off to Sin City for some NASCAR action.

Preferred Beer: Landshark Lager (it’s created for the Margaritaville International Brewing Co – who also has a casino on the Las Vegas Strip)

Drinking Game:

-If the Monster Energy sponsorship renewal situation is discussed, finish your drink.

-If Martinsville Speedway going back to Jesse Jones hotdogs after using Smithsfield for a few years is mentioned, take a drink.

-If pit gun issues in Atlanta are talked about, take a shot.

-If Kevin Harvick’s win is talked about again, take a drink.

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