30 Odd 6

30 Odd 6 – William Byron

30 Odd 6 is your weekly feature focusing on the 30th driver in the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series. We’re cheating a little again this week by featuring the driver who finished 27th at Las Vegas.

Name: William Byron

Age: 20

Hometown: Charlotte, N.C.

Team: Hendrick Motorsports

Odd 6

  1. He’s an online student at Liberty University (who’s been a sponsor of his since 2014) and majors in business communications.
  2. In 2015, while attending high school AND racing full time, he became an Eagle Scout.
  3. Thinking of the Boy Scouts, he also earned the Good Scout Award in 2017. The award honors Charlotte community members who demonstrate what it means to represent and serve the Boy Scouts at a high level.
  4. He is a big fan of the Carolina Panthers and the Charlotte Hornets.
  5. Outside of school and racing, he enjoys iRacing, working out and racing RC cars.
  6. While we’re on the topic of iRacing, his start in NASCAR was unique – he was so good at iRacing that he decided to take racing offline and onto the track. The rest, I guess, is history.

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