Let's Get Fuzzy

Let’s Get Fuzzy – IndyCar Grand Prix

Let’s Get Fuzzy is the IndyCar version of Battle of the Beers. I know, you’re probably asking where the name came from – Fuzzy’s Vodka, owned by Fuzzy Zoeller, is the primary sponsor of Ed Carpenter Racing. Here, there be vodka – enjoy, be safe and make good choices.

Preferred alcohol: …Fuzzy’s Vodka. I mean this is titled “Let’s Get Fuzzy”, yes?

Drinking Game

-If they mention Alfonso Celis Jr making his IndyCar debut at Road America, take a drink.

-If they talk about Zachary Claman De Melo replacing Pietro Fittipaldi (Fittipaldi broke both his legs in a sports car race), take a shot.

-If they discuss Josef Newgarden using the new windscreen at IMS, finish your drink.

-If they say literally anything about Danica Patrick, take a shot.

-If they say the Month of May, take a shot.

-If they say “back home again in Indiana”, take a drink.

-If the series does a rolling start, finish your drink. If they do a standing start, take a shot.

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