30 Odd 6

30 Odd 6 – Spencer Boyd

30 Odd 6 is your weekly feature focusing on the 30th driver, normally in the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series. Like last week, we’re focusing on the 30th place finisher from the NASCAR Xfinity Series.

Name: Spencer Boyd

Age: 22

Hometown: Creve Coeur, MO

Team: SS-Green Light Racing

Odd 6

  1. His hometown is near St Louis.
  2. He moved to the Charlotte, N.C., area at the age of 14 to become a NASCAR driver.
  3. He has a degree from Rowan-Cabarrus Community College.
  4. He now attends Strayer University.
  5. He used to sell cars in Concord, NC.
  6. He’s sponsored by Grunt Style, which is owned and run by veterans.
Battle of the Beers

Battle of the Beers – AAA 400 Drive for Autism

The Battle of the Beers is the weekly drinking game focusing on the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series. News, discussion topics and other themes of the week are highlighted and in proper Brake and Clutch form, we target them for a drinking game.

Preferred Beer: Dogfish Head (Most popular beer in Delaware)

Drinking Game

-If Spencer Gallagher’s failed drug test is mentioned, take a shot.

-If a former JP Motorsports crew member breaking his team owner’s jaw is mentioned, take a drink.

-If NASCAR losing its chief internal officer is mentioned, finish your drink.

-If they mention Kyle Petty’s Charity Ride, take a shot.

-If they mention the birth of Dale Jr’s kid, take a shot.

-If NASCAR buying ARCA is mentioned, finish your drink.



#TBT – Dover International Speedway

Throwback Thursday is the segment that takes you down Memory Lane for the races each week. This week, we’re headed to Delaware!

June 2017

It isn’t a NASCAR race without a fence climber lately, and Dover is no different. Here’s some footage from last year of a fence climber.


Spring 2005

The spring 2005 race featured the closest finish in Dover history. Jimmie Johnson managed to edge out Kyle Busch for the win that year. Here’s a look back at the race.


June 2017

Here’s a video that NASCAR did providing information on Dover International Speedway, from pit road speed to banking and length of the straightaways.

Hold My Beer

Hold My Beer – Apache Warrior 400 Presented By Lucas Oil

Hold My Beer is the segment that features some of the highlights where you can imagine drivers saying, “Hold my beer and watch this!” There were a time or two where that could’ve been applied this past weekend.

Jeffrey Earnhardt

Jeffrey Earnhardt came in a LITTLE too hot to pit road, lost control of the car and hit the barrels, knocking one over. The red flag came out soon after in order to fix the barrels.

That’s a four Advil night, at least.

Ryan Newman and Jeff Gordon

While not quite as much of a “Hold My Beer” moment as Jeffrey Earnhardt’s, things still got a little hectic for Ryan Newman and Jeff Gordon following the race. Newman had tried very hard to stay in front of Chase Elliott but ultimately slowed Elliott down and arguably cost him the win. Gordon was obviously not pleased with the situation and let Newman know as much.

Safe to say that sometimes things don’t always go better with Coca-Cola. Maybe we could also caption this as “#HelloNewman” from Gordon’s point of view?

30 Odd 6

30 Odd 6 – AJ Allmendinger

30 Odd 6 is your weekly feature focusing on the 30th driver in the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series. This week, we’re switching it up and focusing on the 28th place driver from the Apache Warrior 400 Presented By Lucas Oil.

Name: AJ Allmendinger

Age: 35 (turns 36 in December)

Hometown: Los Gatos, CA

Team: JTG Daugherty Racing

Odd 6 facts

  1. While he calls Los Gatos home, San Jose is where he was born.
  2. He was married once before to a Canadian model.
  3. He has a cat named Mr. Tickles.
  4. He likes golfing and karting.
  5. His girlfriend Tara went to the University of Nebraska (hi Big Ten!).
  6. He recently became a partner in a restaurant named On The Nines Neighborhood Bistro & Cocktails Restaurant.