Retired Odd 6

Retired Odd 6 – Carl Edwards

Remember 30 Odd 6 during the season, which focused on the 30th driver in the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series? This is the same idea, only for retiring or retired drivers instead. We’re going back to 2015 again for someone who retired unexpectedly.

Name: Carl Edwards

Age: 38

Hometown: Columbia, MO

Team: Joe Gibbs Racing

Odd 6

  1. He went to Mizzou (aka the University of Missouri) and was a part-time substitute teacher before signing on with Roush Fenway Racing.
  2. He’s a fan of WWE and is friends with John Cena. He even got to host WWE Raw in February 2010.
  3. He has his own record label called Back40 Records with a friend from high school.
  4. He has his private pilot’s license and flies his own plane.
  5. He was on The Price Is Right and helped give away NASCAR-themed prizes.
  6. When he’s not in the car, he enjoys bicycling, aviation, fitness training and reading.
30 Odd 6

30 Odd 6, Season-End Edition – Aric Almirola

30 Odd 6 is your weekly feature focusing on the 30th driver in the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series. Today, we’re taking a different approach – the star finished 29th in standings at the end of the season.

Name: Aric Almirola

Age: 33

Hometown: Tampa, FL

Team: Richard Petty Motorsports

Odd 6

  1. He’s of Cuban descent – his dad came to the U.S. in the 1960s during the Cuban Freedom Flights.
  2. In fact, he was even born on a US Air Force base – Eglin Air Force Base, to be exact.
  3. He’s married and his wife’s name is Janice. She has other family connections to NASCAR – her dad raced motorcycles and was a NASCAR crew chief.
  4. They have two kids together, Alex (age 5) and Abby (age 4).
  5. He enjoys road and mountain biking, hiking and snow skiing.
  6. His grandfather used to race dirt sprint cars and was the one who introduced Aric to racing.
30 Odd 6

30 Odd 6 – Kasey Kahne

30 Odd 6 is your weekly feature focusing on the 30th driver in the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series. This week, we’re going with the 33rd-place finisher from Homestead.

Name: Kasey Kahne

Age: 37

Hometown: Enumclaw, WA

Team: Hendrick Motorsports

Odd 6

  1. He has a two-year-old son named Tanner with his girlfriend.
  2. When not in the car, he likes working out and working on sprint cars.
  3. Thinking of working out, he’s been featured in magazines such as Runner’s World, Men’s Journal and ESPN The Magazine’s “Body” issue.
  4. He created the Kasey Kahne Foundation in 2005 to help support chronically ill kids and their families. Fundraising events include concerts, sprint car races and races such as the Five Kahne, a 5K whose route goes through uptown Charlotte.
  5. Thinking of philanthropy, he also hosted “The DRIVE” in the Seattle area with Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson. The event, which included a concert and golf tournament, raised awareness for the Boys & Girls Clubs of King County and proceeds went to help feeding youth and teaching them about living healthy lifestyles.
  6. He was also named to the President’s Council on Service & Civic Participation by President Bush in 2006.
Battle of the Beers

Battle of the Beers – Ford EcoBoost 400

The Battle of the Beers is the weekly drinking game focusing on the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series. News, discussion topics and other themes of the week are highlighted and in proper Brake and Clutch form, we target them for a drinking game. This week, we take on the Ford EcoBoost 400, happening at Homestead Miami Speedway on November 19th at 3 pm.

Preferred Beer: Pabst Blue Ribbon (most popular beer in Florida)

Drinking Game

-Dale Jr retirement talk? Take a shot.

-If they use “in his own terms” about any of the retiring drivers, take a shot.

-Should they talk about who’ll win the championship, take a shot.

-If they talk about the high school teacher/golf coach in Wisconsin losing his job over the racist tweets to Bubba Wallace, take a drink.

-Feel NASCAR Offseason Disorder start to hit? Take a shot. (I’ll probably be doing the same.)

-If Justin Allgaier’s crew chief being suspended is brought up, take a drink.

-If they talk about who won the Xfinity Series and Camping World Truck Series championships, finish your drink.

For the love of all things good, no one die on me this weekend and good luck to you, your liver and your kidneys.


#TBT – Homestead Miami Speedway

Throwback Thursday is the segment that takes you down Memory Lane for the races each week. It’s officially championship week – where the literal shit did this season go? – so we’re looking back at a championship or two.

November 2015

Two years ago, Kyle Busch broke both legs in an Xfinity Series crash and missed a solid chunk of the season. He and his wife Samantha also had Brexton Busch. That same season, he came back to win the championship, which is not an easy feat when you’re healthy, let alone after an injury. Here’s his interview with Fox Sports 1 following the championship win.